Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raya Haji - Day 1

It's Aidil Adha celebration, and we r going back to SP!! This year will be a little bit special than before as we have Cik that coming back from US to settle her passport and Mycard. We start our journey around 12 noon. Earlier plan is 10am.. then got Rona Roni Makaroni, so watched that first. Ding dong.. ding dong.. 12 noon we depart from Kota Damansara. A little bit 'sayu' when i'm thinking that this might be my last time celebrate hari raya with my family and also as a single.. huhuhu..
We planned to stop at Hentian Tapah but a lot of cars and people.. everybody going back to their hometown. We ate lunch at Megoplex, then stop at Tok's house for sembahyang. Leave Ipoh around 6pm and reach SP around 8pm. Direct go to the kitchen, super duper hungry.. yum...yum.. mak tok cook ikan masak sambal. Sedapnyer mak tok nyer sambal!!!!
That nite, lengoh giler kaki sb drive n ada few tpt yg jem. Ramai sangat org kat jalan. Alhamdulillah.. selamat sampai =)
** Mak tih n family je yg tak de, busy mengemas rumah sb nak pindah next weeknyer..

Di gerai limau bali.. cik teringin nak makan
Ni lah rebung!! Tak penah nampak pun camne rupa. Biasanya tgk rebung yg dah siap dicuci, Kaler putih...

Cik yg dah rambang mata tgk banyak giler buah..

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