Monday, April 7, 2008

Singapore Trip.. eh.. training..

DANLOAD 8000 Training @ Singapore 2008
Training 2-1/2 days.. @ Emerson..
Everyday the training ends around 5pm.. rushed back to hotel for sembahyang.. then.. hihihi.. shopping time!
First day.. went to Lucky Plaza.. Super duper cheap.. then.. walk along Orchard Road until Plaza Singapure..
Second day.. take dinner at near Bugis.. then walked around Bugis street..

Dinner @ Indonesian Restaurant.. we plan to walk to the Furama Hotel (the restaurant locate) but.. we are going wrong way!!!! Huhuhu... hahahhaaha... and finally we take taxi.. and the taxi going back to where we start walking! Imran, Kamarul n Fitra.. sorrylah.. we (girls) love walking before we take our meal.. hihihi...

Then.. we went to Clarke Quey.. emmm.. Reverse Bungee and whatever swing (not sure what's the name).. really unforgettable experience... and the best part is it's free. Thanks to Kamarul, shared his free ticket after stucked up there more than 1 hours.. and Lloyd.. smoking with shaking hand.. after he ride the reverse bungee. Hahahaha.. at least.. he dare to ride it than me! ;-)

Then.. we went to Mustafa Mall.. perrggghhhh.. never been to mall like that before. Seems like Maidin in Malaysia.. but the stuff there.. all original from all over the world with really cheap price.. Hihihi.. i bought lot's of chocolate!!! Luckily it's already late and everybody is tired and sleepy.. If not.. we might bought lot's more things..

Emm.. it's been a very great training + shopping and going around Singapore City. Even at last.. i'm a little bit lost in the training.. no more training mood.. hahaha..
Hope to see u guys again... =)

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