Tuesday, April 22, 2008

JP's visit..

My friends from Manila.. JP come for weekend holiday..
K milin and I take him around KL..
We went to Putrajaya first..

Putrajaya.. actually..not only JP visit Putrajaya, K Milin n me also visit Putrajaya.. hahahahah.. and we also not very familier with the roads there.. try and error.. it's very hot.. but we also very exited to show around Putrajaya. Then.. we ate lunch at Bellamy. Makan ikan bakar and JP try to eat using his hands!!

We bring JP to Jalan TAR after went to KLCC. We ate Cendol Pulut.. and akok. JP shopping some tudung for his mom and also kain pelikat..

Dinner at Satay Samuri.. but not @ Kajang..

hahaha.. only Jejantas Sg Buloh.. nearer maaa...

KLCC at night.. the best picture.. hahaaa... we took picture from a lot angle.. so beautiful.. thanks to Hafiz, waiting in the car while

we go out take picture..

2nd day.. @ Genting..

we take bus early in the morning for OU, becoz we need to go down @1pm to catch JP's bus later in the afternoon.. mmm.. best..

Pirate Ship.. hahahah.. not scary at all!!! Same feeling playing the swing... then.. we feel dizzy..
It's a great weekend.. even a little bit tired.. but nevermind.. not every weekend JP is here.. hahaha.. maybe this is his first and last time..
JP, please come again..
but 2 days is not enough!!

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