Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Selamat Hari Pekerja

1- I'm bringing my laptop home.. few pending things that I don't have time to do.. need to submit by friday.. so... I'm working from hone tomorrow..

2- I'm a mom.. and I'll never entitle for any leave. But I don't mind.. I love spending time with aiman n amni..

3- I'm incharge of my house.. and only can clean.. tidy my house during holiday.. the house curently very messy... unclean.. sticky coz aiman n amni play soap ballon last monday.. and I still don't have time to mop to house since then..

So.. am I enjoying my labour day holiday??? Yesh.. sure.. I have time to finish my office work.. do housework especially cleaning the house.. having the kids with me at home.. and hopefully I have time to bring them to playground..

##still the the trafic light..few km left to reach home..thanks mak amik budak2..

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